Sync between PC and IPad using Dropbox

Not working. On the PC, I drag the agile keychain over the Dropbox. Then I can see the keychain in Dropbox both on my PC and on the IPad. Syncing to dropbox on 1Password on the IPad does not pick up the keychain from Dropbox. What gives?


  • Hi @Alicia,

    I'm sorry that you're having trouble getting synced up here! In order to help you out I'll need just a bit more information though:

    • What version of 1Password do you currently have installed on your iPad?
    • Do you have any data in 1Password on your iPad?
    • Do you have the Dropbox app installed on your iPad?
    • Are you seeing an error in 1Password when you try to sync with Dropbox? If so, please let me know the exact text of the error message. You can take a screenshot if that is easier. There are instructions on how to take a screenshot here: You can save the image to a service like Dropbox and include a link in your reply.

    Once we know a bit more about your situation, we should be better able to help find a solution! :)

  • hawkmothhawkmoth
    edited February 2014

    In my experience, 1Password for Mac creates the keychain automatically when you select Dropbox for syncing. Have you tried letting it do so, instead of dragging it to your local Dropbox folder manually? The software will create it in the expected place and configuration for syncing to other systems. I would guess (although I obviously don't know for sure) that the reason your iPad 1Password installation isn't finding your data is that it isn't in the expected place in your Dropbox account. You are using the iOS application, aren't you? Sorry to ask - I can't tell for sure from your post.

  • Thanks, hawkmoth! That solved the problem --I'm using Dropbox on a windows machine, I just needed to go under General Preferences to move the data to Dropbox!

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