Something Happened!

I have used 1PW for a few years now ... with Firefox. Last week something happened and now I cannot get it to appear in my browser. I think Firefox updated to 27.0 just prior and now my Speed Dial AND 1PW have gone astray. The Speed Dial is another forums issue, but how can I get my 1PW to show up again??

I have Windows 7 - 64-bit Operating System.

I cannot find the 1PW extension in my Firefox extensions.

When I go to the 1PW Preferences/Browsers it says "Installed 3.9.20" on the line with Mozilla Firefox 27.0 ... when I click on that I get two choices ... one says "default" and the other says "default-1391789662755". If I choose just the plain "default" it will open my Pre-Last-Week browser, which is what I need!! It has the 1PW button on the bar!! If I open Firefox from anywhere else, it opens a new browser without the 1PW.

Anyone have any ideas as to what happened and how I can get back to life as usual????

I appreciate any help I can get.



  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
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    Kathee, the 1Password extension 4.0.1 is working fine with Firefox 27 for me.

    Clicking on the Firefox version number (rather than the "install" button) on the Browsers tab of 1Password preferences opens FileExplorer to the folder containing the Firefox executable. I'm no expert in Firefox, but the "default" and "default-1391789662755" option implies you've got two different Firefox profiles. Did you always? If not, I'm afraid you'll have to consult with Mozilla for help with that issue.

    Once you're using the Firefox profile you want to use, though: If the problem with the 1Password extension persists, please try removing the extension from within Firefox and re-installing it from the Browsers tab of 1Password preferences.

    Please let us know how it goes, Kathee.

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