Using1Password on MacBookPro and iPhone - and syncing passwords

I currently have a version of 1Password for my MacBookPro, which I am happy with. But how do I make use of the app on my iPhone? Do I have another version for my phone or can I use the existing version? How do I make sure that I access the same passwords on both MacBook and phone?


  • Hi @hskoppek,

    I'm glad to hear that you like 1Password 4 for Mac! Because your iPhone uses a different operating system than your desktop computer, the Mac version of 1Password will not work on your phone. If you're interested in using 1Password on your phone, our iOS app is available from the App Store. It's got many of the great features that you're already enjoying in the Mac app, and our developers are working hard on a great new update for iOS7! :)

  • I am new to the forum and would like to ask a question relating to this thread. I just purchased the 1Password4 for Mac and what I am gathering out of the message written by Megan is that I need to purchase the iPhone version of the 1Passoword. Will they sync together or do I need to reenter everything again. What about the iPad -- will the iPhone version and the iPad version sync together?

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    Welcome @MickeytheSorcerer.

    You can sync everything together using either Dropbox or iCloud. There is no need to reenter anything to make that happen. And as you make additions and subtractions to your data, those will also propagate automatically. If you want to avoid a cloud solution, there are options for that to, but I don't use them, so I shouldn't comment. I don't think those are automatic the way cloud solutions are. I'm quite satisfied that I have a strong master password, so I haven't worried about using my choice, which currently is Dropbox.

    The iOS version is universal. It works on both the iPhone and iPad. Also the iPod touch. You can install that on as many iOS devices as you wish, provided all are using the same Apple ID.

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