different password between IOS and OSX with dropbox sync

I sync my password database between IOS and OSX, and I'm confused because my master password is different on OSX vs. IOS. Syncing appears to work correctly. It seems like this implies that the master password isn't stored with the password database? Is that right? Am I misunderstanding how this should work? It seems like the password required to open the database should also be synced between devices?


  • Hi @mr_marmot,

    What version of 1Password do you currently have installed on your computers and iOS devices? In 1Password 3 it was possible to select a different Master Password for your desktop and iOS devices, but in 1Password 4 you should be using the same Master Password for both.

    Sometimes, depending on how your sync settings are set up, a new Master Password might not get updated on your iOS device. Please update your Master Password on iOS to match the Master Password on your Mac.

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