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I noticed that 1P4 appears not be have the capability to export to a txt file. Was this intentional? I hope not. Am I overlooking something? Can you please advise if it is a capability in 1P4 or will be in a forthcoming release?


  • I can only export the data as ".1 pif" file. But this format I can not open it with Word or Excle! So I can not print this file also.

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    The pif file is readable text. Just change the suffix. You may not like the format used however. Note that encrypted entries won't be very useful.

  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Hey guys,

    Text export is indeed forthcoming, as @MIkeT has previously mentioned:

    … having full support for text import/export is important for us as we don't want to lock you into our format. We're still working on implementing the support for CSV, text based formats and so on, we just ran out of time for the initial 1Password 4.0 release. It'll be released in a free update in the near future. I don't have a timeframe on when exactly.

    And similarly:

    We're working on expanding the export formats/modules in 1Password 4, along with more import formats and full print support. It'll come in free updates to 1Password 4 in the near future.

    Thanks for letting us know you're waiting for this capability.

  • KounKoun

    Could you give us an update on the text export feature? Access to our passwords independently of 1password is not a feature. It is indispensable.

  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Hi, @Koun.

    While I don't have a status update on when support for exporting to Text (and/or CSV) format(s) will be added I've included your comment with the request for it in our tracker. We understand it's important to offer more than 1PIF exporting and printing as methods of getting data out of 1Password.

  • I just bought 1Password for Mac and iPhone in the belief that I would be able to export all information to an easily readable format (including decrypted password fields).
    I now realise that this option is not available in the current version.
    Being locked into a solution is not an option for me, and I won't commit all my passwords and login information to the apps, until I'm assured that I can easily get them out again at any time. I simply cannot take the risk of your company ceasing to trade and having to look up all my secure notes and logins manually, one item at the time. Export to an easily readable and well structured text file is absolutely vital for any password manager!
    I understand you are working on this, but I will have to wait using the apps in anger until it's available and I'd appreciate an estimated release date as soon as possible.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi folks,

    The .1PIF format is not encrypted, and so although it may not be the easiest read, it is human readable. We are continuing to work on more readable formats. That said, we do not announce release dates for features until they are completed.



  • Hi, I am using lastpass on my android device and I am no longer able to export my master data from 1password to lastpass since It no longer appears to have a export to text option. Or am I missing something?

    Is there a way to export my 1password database to a text or csv format?


  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Hi, Ivar.

    I've merged your topic with a similar one, so you're really not missing anything. :)

    Exporting to Text (and/or CSV) format(s) isn't currently supported in 1Password 4. 1PIF format is human readable even if not easily, like Ben mentioned, although you won't be able to directly import that into other apps.

    I am using lastpass on my android device …

    Are you participating in 1Password 4 for Android beta testing?

  • I really think that the export feature (in pdf or csv) is mandatory. Most of your competitors are offering this already.

  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Hi @Newboyman,

    I've added your vote for this in our tracker so the developers are aware of your interest.

    Exporting as PDF can be done using File > Print… and Share > Item > Print in 1Password, then selecting Save as PDF from the PDF popup menu :

    The number of pages can be reduced by increasing the Pages per Sheet option in the print dialog, e.g.:

    With too few pages it does get illegible. :)

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