Secondary Vault Dropbox Sync IPassword 4 (MAC) to Windows IPassword

Using the Windows 7 File/Open Data Folder to open a open a secondary vault synced to dropbox from a Mac, it seems to prompt correctly for a password, but then when I type in the password I get an error message

1Password has encountered a problem

Unable to unlock 1Password Data.

Your 1Password Data could not be unlocked with the password you provided. Please verify the password and try again.

I have just installed both versions and checked for the most recent updates. I triple checked the password on my Mac, and it works fine, assuming of course that the password isn't somehow different from the master password. I can use the same password on Windows to switch back into the primary vault on dropbox.

Any thoughts?


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    You have to use the master password for the secondary vault.

    Because there is no concept of the primary and secondary vault (introduced in 1Password 4 for Mac), 1Password for Windows doesn't allow you to open multiple vaults with a single entry of the "primary" vault's master password. To 1Password for Windows, primary and secondary vaults are all just 1Password data folders, each with its unique and independent master password.

    I sincerely hope that 1Password 4 for Windows, currently in beta development, will closely mirror the behavior of 1Password 4 for Mac with respect to primary and secondary vaults but, to be candid, that seems undecided as yet. Please stay tuned.

  • Actually please disregard this whole post. I forgot the original password I used to create the secondary vault as I hadn't needed to use it on the Mac. My mistake ;(

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