Downloaded--where is it?

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I've downloaded the beta on my Galaxy S-4 and watched the download arrow until it stopped--but don't see the app anywhere. ???


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    Hey Nat! You may need to open your App Launcher and go to Downloads. Then tap on 1P4Android_*.apk to install the beta.

    Also, please ensure installation from Unknown Source is enabled on your device. To enable this option, please follow these instructions:

    • Go into Settings -> Security on your Android device
    • Check the box beside 'Unknown Sources' to allow installations from apps outside of the Google Play Store

    Let me know if you were successful!

  • I had no clue how to install this, took this post and some head-scratching to install. For the real release, I'm assuming it will be on Google Play for ease of intstal?

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    Yes, the final release will be on Google Play! Sorry for the confusion.

  • Thanks for your response, saad. I did the accept installations from unknown sources bit, something I hadn't done before. Then I went to settings/more/application manager and see a list of everything that's been downloaded--but 1password isn't there even though I just went and tried to download it again. One of the arrows at the top of the screen got active for several seconds, then quit. I'd have thought that indicated the download was complete, but if so I don't see it. I don't see anything called "app launcher"--if the app manager isn't it, where do I find it?

  • Hah! I found it. It's just called "downloads" among the many apps there and 1pw is now installed. However, it wants my pw info from dropbox and it's not there. How do I put it there? I do have a dropbox account and I'm not new to 1password so I don't want to check the "new user" box. Also, I think I've already found a bug--I told it to look in dropbox and it's hung up trying--I can't back out of the situation, it just goes back to "loading" and ignores me! When it stops "loading" and I try to back up, it just tries loading again. Looks like I'll have to restart the phone.

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    Hey Nat. I'm happy to hear you were able to install the beta. I'll take a look into the bug you found, thanks for letting me know.

    Can you tell me what other devices you are using 1Password with?

  • I've been using it on my 2008 MacBook Pro which is running OS 10.6.8 and Firefox 19.0.2. That's all.
    How do I get my password into dropbox so I can log in on my Galaxy S-4?

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    Thanks. Please follow these instructions on your Mac to set up Dropbox sync. You can then link the beta to your vault in Dropbox. :)

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