Basic how-to?

I feel like a bit of an idiot posting this, but since it is a beta and I'm assuming one of the things you're trying to develop is ease of exactly do I use this to log into websites? For example, I open Chrome on my tablet, go to paypal, and need to use 1password to log in. How do I do so? I see no link or option. I am signed into the 1Password beta.


  • Bumping because I'd love to test out the beta but still haven't been able to figure out how to use it...

  • You open 1Password, copy your password, open the browser and paste. There's no browser integration at all on Android (or iOS I think).

  • Yikes! That's horrible - I assumed since that was the big problem with 1password reader (the current sucky app), the new one in beta must address that. Honestly if there is no way to easily log into websites with it, there's not much difference between 1pass and an encrypted text file listing all my passwords.

  • The beta has the ability to edit your edit, which the reader didn't, and I believe they're looking at/working on ways to better integrate it with Android.
    Oh, and if you use 1P on other systems then you'd have to manually sync your encrypted text file. ;)

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    Hey Jessi! At this time, 1Password Beta does not have direct browser integration. You will need to copy & paste if you would like to enter your login information in an external browser like Chrome. However, there is a built-in web view within 1Password that has support for filling. You will need to tap on the arrow on the right of the URL in detail view and select 'Login'.

    We understand this manual process is not the best option, so we are definitely looking into making 1Password more universal throughout the OS. Browser plug-ins and an IME implementation have both come up, and are being reviewed by our development team. Thanks for your feedback.

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