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I am having an difficult time getting my data migrated to current versions on both iOS and Mac. For several years I have had 1PW3 for Mac and iOS and used WiFi sync without problems. I upgraded to 1PW 4 on Mac and I suspect didn't notice that the sync no longer worked. But the local Mac data migrated to 1PW4 on the Mac just fine.

Wanting to set up sync, I paid for the new version (not very happy) for iOS, and have been attempting to get v4 on iOS set up without success. Here is my current situation:

1) 1PW3/iOS (v7.0.6) still has my data. (Whew)
2) When I open 1PW 3 it asks me if I want to migrate the data, to which I respond yes. But nothing happens. No data appears in 1PW, no messages, nothing. I've tried many times after playing with various settings in both versions, quitting both apps. Perhaps I am missing the key issue, but it certainly isn't clear why this is not working.
3) At some point, in the process of trying to set up sync with the new 1PW4 on my Mac, it appears I goofed I wiped the data from 1PW/Mac because the iOS version had an empty DB.
4) I can't use DropBox due to API changes to sync out from 1PW3/iOS.
5) I reinstalled 1PW3/Mac (in the midst of the whole 1PW effort I upgraded my Mac HD), and so don't have (easy) access to any old 1PW3 data that may be laying around on the old HD. HOWEVER, the Wifi sync doesn't seem to be working. PLus my old 1PW3 license is not accepted by the software.

So, I have my data in 1PW3/iOS, and no data in either 1PW4 (Mac or iOS).

How can I get my 1PW3/iOS data migrated to either of the current 1PW4 versions? I assume once I get the data to one platform, I can use dropbox to sync from there.

Any info much appreciated.




    I was able to get the WiFi sync to work between (old) 1PW3 versions. So I have data on both iOS and Mac for 1PW3.

    How can I migrate this data to the 1PW4 sw on one or the other platform?


  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @danauerbach,

    I'm glad to hear that you were able to use Wi-Fi sync to get your data from 1Password 3 for iOS to 1Password 3 for Mac. That would have been my first suggestion, so you're a step ahead of me here!

    As for getting your data into 1Password 4, it should be a simple matter, but I'll need just a few more details before I can give you proper instructions:

    • Is Dropbox your preferred method of sync once we have this all sorted out?
    • Have you already opened 1Password 4 and created a new vault, or are you still at the 'new user' screen?

    The more information I have, the better we'll be able to advise you :)

  • Hi Megan,

    1) I would actually prefer to keep my syncing "in-house", and was using WiFi sync with the older versions. I am willing to utilize DropBox as an temporary step to get my data into the current versions, if that helps.

    2) In 1PW4 I get the regular enter master password window. I don't recall going through a "new vault" step when I upgraded from 1PW3/Mac, but for whatever reason I am NOT at the new user screen.

    Many thanks,

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @danauerbach‌,

    We can certainly keep your syncing in-house. First of all, let's transfer this data from 1Password 3 for Mac to 1Password 4 for Mac. If you haven't already stored any data in 1Password 4, let's just start fresh and give 1Password 4 a chance to find the data in 1Password 3. Please follow the instructions here: Starting Over.

    When you open 1Password 4 for the first time, the Setting Up 1Password guide can help you through the process, but 1Password should notice your data in version 3 and prompt you for your Master Password. Once your database is loaded, simply use Wi-Fi to sync to 1Password 4 for iOS.

    I hope this gets you all set up, but if you hit any snags during the process, we're happy to help!

  • Hi Megan,

    I went through the Start Over procedure and restarted 1PW4. After the initial "awesome lets get started" splash screen, I got prompted for my master password. I entered it, and answered a few configuration questions, but in the end no PW3 data appeared.

    Could this be due to the current 1PW3 install being in trial mode? The license I have for PW3 is not being accepted in the PW3 a (re) downloaded to try and solve this problem. I recently requested my licenses again recently to be sure I had them, but when I try to enter it says my license of for an older version. The email in which I was sent the license says it is for 1 Password 3 for Mac. Please advise.

    Thanks again for your help.


  • FYI: I have tried using my license with both v3.5 and v3.8.21

    I am running OS X 10.9.2, though I think I first started use 1PW3 on 10.7.


    I hadn't noticed that in the license email there were 2 different 1PW3 license codes. The second associated with my 1PW4 lic. Anyway, that one works, and after entering it, resetting 1PW4 again, it saw the 1PW3 data and imported it.

    Sync also working.

    One Question: Do I have to manually start the WiFi sync everytime I want to sync? Or will they sync automatically if apps are open in both places?


  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Hi @danauerbach,

    I'm sorry that 1Password 4 didn't locate and use your data from 1Password 3 during the setup.

    [Edit: resolved! :)]

  • Hi sjk,

    See my latest post... Getting 1PW3 licensed did seem to make a difference. After I entered the license in 1PW3, 1PW4 was acted as expected, recognized the existing data and opened appropriately.

    One Question: Do I have to manually start the WiFi sync everytime I want to sync? Or will they sync automatically if apps are open in both places?


  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Hi again, dan ( @danauerbach ).

    Whoops, I'd missed your latest post shortly before mine (since edited). It's surprising that adding the 1Password 3 license made a difference, but I'm really glad to hear you sorted that out and were able to import your data!

    Wi-Fi syncing is currently a manual process, as @Megan explained: here (post #15). And there are some followups about it. Too much to quote here. :)

    If we can help you more with this or anything else please don't hesitate to ask.

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