MAJOR Annoyance: entering master password whenever I switch back and forth

FirehawkFirehawk Junior Member

When entering user names and passwords, one often has to switch back and forth between this app and another or a browser. I have to re-enter my password every single time, This occurs when the screen times out, too, after a few seconds.

There should be some sort of timer setting that will keep things open.


  • FirehawkFirehawk Junior Member

    I spoke too soon... I found the timer function hidden in the settings function. Since 1PW always opens to the password / logins page, it is counter-intuitive to have people go backwards by clicking on Categories to reach the Settings button.

  • FirehawkFirehawk Junior Member

    I also suggest that "Autolock Timer" is a much better choice of words than "Interval."

  • NikNik 1Password Alumni

    I'm glad you located the setting, @Firehawk‌. Thank you for the feedback!

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