1Password ver 4.0.0b9 (beta) & Android 4.3

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Copy and Paste in 1Password or device Clip Holder does not work? (Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Android 4.3) Others who have experienced the same thing?


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    Hey @Dreamer. You should be able to copy from 1Password without any issues. However, pasting will only work if you copy text from 1Password. Your clipboard is cleared every time 1Password locks. So if you leave the app, and return back, your clipboard is cleared.

    This is something we have been talking about very closely with our designers and developers. There is always a right balance between convenience and security. As a temporary workaround for this issue, you can go into Settings -> Security and turn off 'Lock on Exit'. This will keep your vault unlocked when you switch between applications on your device. The locking mechanism clears your clipboard when you return back to 1Password. Since auto-locking is now disabled, you will be able to copy text into 1Password without losing any content in your clipboard. Remember to enable 'Lock on Exit' when you're done with copying into 1Password.

  • Super info. really useful thank you!

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    You're welcome. Let me know if you have any other questions. :)

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