Opening 1Password shows empty database

When I start 1Password, after having upgraded to version 4, it brings up an empty window, like there’s nothing in the database, and what looks like an error number across the top-left and bottom-left (see screenshot).

How can I use this to figure out what’s going on?

It seems only to happen on one of my Macs. I have an iMac and a MacBook Pro, and the laptop is fine, but the desktop machine exhibits this problem. A reboot sometimes seems to fix it.


  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @Andrewf,

    That looks like the database file in 1Password 4 is damaged. How did you upgrade to 1Password 4, you asked it to pick up a local data file from 1Password 3 or did you tell it to pick up via a sync service?

  • No, I don’t think the database is damaged, because, as I said, a reboot seems to fix it.

    1Password 3 was syncing to DropBox, and I told 1Password 4 to sync from DropBox too.

    If it were a corrupt database, how would I go about diagnosing that and fixing it?

    (Also, is there a way to be notified by email when someone replies to a post here?)

  • roustemroustem AgileBits Founder

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    You will see errors shown in the I am also changing 1Password (starting with version 4.0.7) to show more information about the database errors.

  • No errors that I can see in the (Clicked on ‘SYSTEM LOG QUERIES|All Messages’ and typed ‘password’ into the filter box.)

    Incidentally, it seems that I don’t need to reboot to fix the problem: logging out then logging in again also seems to get it working again.

  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Hi, @andrewf.

    Would you mind sending us a Diagnostics Report so we can check for anything that looks like it might be causing the intermittent problem you're having? Instructions are here:

    Sending us your Diagnostics Report to help us help you!

    Please do not post your Diagnostics Report in the forum, but please do include a link to this topic in your email so we can "connect the dots" when we receive it.

    To adjust your forum notifications:

    Go to your Profile, select Edit Profile in the menu around the top right corner:

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  • Thomas NeumannThomas Neumann Junior Member

    Same here. The issue seems to be reproducible after an "automatic backup" of the database was done.
    The database works correctly until the message "1Password created a new backup copy" appeared within notification center.
    Opening the app, 1Password mini or a browser extension afterwards shows an empty database.
    It can be restored using "Settings/Backups" restoring the latest backup entry (or an older one). Then it works until the next automatic backup occurs.
    Unfortunately I didn't figure out how to disable the automatic backup feature.
    It may also only occur, in case the database path is set to a network share, like Dropbox, WebDav Share or another network like share.
    I didn't test with a local folder on a local hard disk.

  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Thanks for that additional information, @thomasneumann.

    Here's some good news from 1Password 4 for Mac Release Notes (Show betas checked) for 4.0.7.BETA-2 (build #407002):

    • Fixed the problem where in some cases the database could not be open immediately after the backup copy was made.

    Hopefully this will resolve the issue that you and @andrewf have been having and reported here.

  • Right, I’ll need to check if I have automatic backups set up.

    Will in any case send diagnostic report.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

  • sjksjk oversoul

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    You're welcome, @andrewf. If you're still having trouble with this or anything else we're here to help!

  • Right, there seems to be a bug in the diagnostic tool, so couldn’t send the report! (I’ve emailed support address with details of issues with diagnostic tool.)

    However: it does seem that it’s the backup issue that I’m seeing, since I tried doing a manual backup, closed 1Password, reopened it, and saw the problem. Will install the beta and see if that fixes it.

  • andrewfandrewf
    edited November 2013

    Okay, I replaced my 1Password from the App Store with the beta Version 4.0.7.BETA-3 (407003).

    (I don’t have a license file to give it, but presumably can just stick the App Store version back on at some point.)

    HOWEVER, this does not fix the problem. I created a backup, quit and restarted 1Password, and, again, I’m seeing a blank vault.

  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Thanks for the followup here and sending the new report, @andrewf.

    If you're primarily running 4.0.7.BETA-3 right now please make sure to at least turn off 1Password mini and quit 1Password for the MAS version. The latest diagnostics report you sent shows Always keep 1Password mini running is enabled in both versions, which will cause issues.

    After disabling that option I suggest restarting your system. I don't think this will address your backup issue, though now I have a pretty good hunch why that's happening based on clues in the report. More about that later in an email reply.

    You've got some time before 4.0.7.BETA-3 expires. From @dteare's post:

    We only allow betas to be run for 25 days before requiring an upgrade …

    Switching between MAS and website versions of 1P4 is possible, with Always keep 1Password mini running only enabled for one version at a time. And they use separate local data files that you may want to keep in sync.

  • Thanks for that.

    Yes, have disabled 1Password Mini in both versions.

    If I keep 1Password Mini disabled, I can backup 1Password without issues, quit and restart it, and all is fine.

    If I reenable 1Password Mini (only on one version), do a backup, then quit and restart, I see a blank vault. Subsequently disabling 1Password Mini, quitting and makes it work again.

    I will keep 1Password Mini disabled and use the website version until the issue is fixed. Thanks for your help.


  • roustemroustem AgileBits Founder

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    Thank you very much for the diagnostics, Andrew!

    I am not yet sure what could be causing this issue. During the backup, 1Password closes its SQLite database, copies the Data directory to a temporary location and then archives it there.

    After the copying is completed, 1Password re-opens the database.

    In your case, opening the database does not return any errors. However, all sub-sequent operations result in an 'unable to open database file' error. I thought that it might be related to the file being locked for some weird reason and added an extra delay before opening. It appears that this change did not help.

  • I also have this exact same issue. I am using 1Password 4.1.3.

  • "Quit 1Password mini", "Quit Google Chrome", launch 1Password (the main app), and then launching Chrome resolves the issue, until the next automatic backup breaks it again.

  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Hi @sjackman,

    I'm sorry to hear you're also having an "empty data" issue, if I understand correctly.

    We'd like to work with you directly in email to troubleshoot this problem and help you fix it. To do that please start by sending us a Diagnostics Report from your Mac, along with a link to this topic and your forum username, to support+forum at agilebits dot com. A brief comment here mentioning that you've sent the report would also be helpful.

    Once we see the report we'll be able to better assist you. Thanks in advance!

  • same issue here. I already sent a diagnostics report two minutes ago. Looking forward to a solution,this is going on since 1P 4.0... :(

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @orlandop,

    Thanks for sending the Diagnostic Report in to us! Our support team will respond directly via email to avoid creating any confusion between here and there. :)


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