Will 1P be updated to match iOS 7's visual style?

1Password works great in iOS 7 as far as compatibility goes. Will a future update involve changing 1P's visual style to match the new minimalist look (the lack of skeumorphism) of iOS 7?


  • Hi Mr. Laser Beam,

    I'm glad to hear that 1Password is working well for you in iOS 7! We do have several updates coming ... including some design updates that will match the sleek new iOS style. Of course, I can't say much more than that, but I'm pretty excited to see the changes too! :)

  • Do you have any news on an update with some design changes? It's been almost 3 months since I've seen you guys mention something is in the works. 1Password works exactly how I need it to on both my iPhone and iPad yet it's the only app I regularly use that still looks dated.

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    Its still in beta.

  • Gah, I hope you implement ownCloud support before, so I never ever have to update to an uglyfied version to match the tasteless iOS7.

  • Hi @gurra,

    I'm happy to add your vote for ownCloud support, but I don't think it will be implemented before the iOS7 update comes through. Our developers and designers have been working hard to make this a sleek and user-friendly update, so I do hope that you don't find it completely tasteless. :)

  • Looking forward to the update!

  • Hi @T_Will,

    Thanks for adding your thoughts here - I've taken a peek at the beta, and things are starting to look pretty slick! I'm excited for it to be released too! :)

  • 29 Oct 2013, 30 Jan 2014, 6 Feb 2014 -> catchpenny promises.

    In June 2013, the first beta of iOS 7 was published. For over eight months developers can adapt their app on iOS 7. Unfortunately, still nothing has happened.

  • @Megan please be open and show us some screen shots and/or a video about the iOS7 interface. Maybe we will be able to offer suggestions and improvements: at the end of the day you want to create a product we love, don't you?

  • Hi @ugrandolini‌,

    It just so happens that we do have some great new details about the next update being prepared now. While I do wish I could be the bearer of awesome news here, I'm not allowed to leak anything just yet. But I can highly recommend that you stay tuned: check out our blog, follow us on Twitter (@1Password), or sign up for our newsletters.

    Of course, you're also welcome to help us iron out the last few details to ensure that we create a product that you love by signing up to be on our beta testing list: https://agilebits.com/beta_signups/new :)

  • Signed up!

  • Thanks for signing up @ugrandolini‌!

  • Wow! I like it!
    I was initially a bit reluctant to install the beta as I was afraid not to be able to use my purchased version.
    If anyone else want to join the beta test group you should know that the beta installs as a separate app, so you can keep using the public version in case the beta does not work as expected.
    Thank you Agilebits!

  • Hi @ugrandolini‌,

    I'm so glad to hear that you're enjoying the beta! I agree, being able to install it alongside the purchased version is a great safety net. :)

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