How to import bakup file in iphone with itools

I upgraded my iphone 4s to 7.0.4 and now i am trying to import my only backup file 1Password0100-20121106.1ptbackup wit itools.
is this possible
When i open the 1password in my i phone there are 2 options
1) new user
2)previous user but i only have the above mentioned file.



  • Hi @apostolis,

    Was your backup file created in 1Password 3 for iOS? Unfortunately, 1Password 4 will not be able to read that file. Let's get it imported into 1Password 3 for iOS and then migrate your data to 1Password 4 for iOS.

    • Go to the App Store > Updates > Purchases and find 1Password 3 for iOS
    • Install
    • Follow the instructions here to restore your data into 1Password 3
    • Once your data is restored, open 1Password 4 for iOS
    • Select "I've used 1Password before" and import from previous version.

    I hope this gets you all set up, but please let me know if you run into any snags - we're here to help!

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    This works perfectly, but you have to be on 3.7.2 or higher.

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