Confusing caused by turning on Lock on Exit and disabled QUC is still tappable [Confirmed]

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On the ipad app under settings > security the option lock in exit.. When this is turned on the quick unlock code is unavailable, however it's is a bit confusing because that option remains tappable even though it doesn't do anything only when you turn lock on exit off does the on off switch come up for the quick unlock code.. Perhaps it would be advantageous to "grey" the option out when lock on exit is on so you can't even tap on it..


  • This also occurs on iPhone

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    Hi @d2theustin‌,

    Good point, I'll file an improvement request to gray out the font as well, to make it clear it can't be turned on. We might look into doing this differently, like showing (Disabled due to Lock on Exit) in the row but that's already explained in the text below the row.

    Thanks for reporting this!

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