B49 - NO DROPBOX Sync :-(

rosenkriegerrosenkrieger Junior Member

Started for me with B47. Even if I disable Sync, and add Dropbox again - no Sync. Nothing.

No matter if I use my iPhone 5 or my iPad Mini Retina - the result (no sync) is the same :-( :-(


  • rosenkriegerrosenkrieger Junior Member

    UPDATE: I now did the obvious. I delete the Beta from my iPhone and reinstalled it. Right now it is downloading the initial Dropbox 1Password Database. Hopefully it will work also once I add new items.

  • MrRooniMrRooni

    Team Member

    Hello @rosenkrieger‌ ! Glad to hear it! I saw this post just after replying to you on other threads. Let me know how it shakes out for you.

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