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Hi. I need to mention this again. Currently you are allowed only one try with the Quick Unlock code before it throws you back to the master password. I need to mention it again because the current way is going to anger a lot of your customers. It feels like you're being punished for not getting the Quick Unlock code right the first time.


  • Disagree, it's only 4 digits, if you get it wrong then you shouldn't get to retry

  • hazmathazmat Member

    Can you expand on why? It's a touch screen and sometimes you mistouch. Sometimes you've just recently changed your code and put in the old one by mistake. Etc.

  • The 1 reason that pops in my head is that 1P holds all of my secrets. The quick unlock is a convenience only. Having 1 chance to enter the code is fine with me. If IOS decides to kill the app, you will also need to enter the full password. I'm usually surprised when the quick unlock screen actually appears ;-)

  • I do agree that you can make mistakes. I'm thinking in terms of security whereby someone picks up your iPhone and may have partially seen you enter your code but if they only get one chance to get it right before your much stronger master password is required I feel a lot safer :)

  • MrRooniMrRooni

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    @hazmat While there's a good chance we're going to err on the side of the current behavior in the short term, we do have an issue open for this one in our bug tracker and we will be reviewing it. To set your expectations, however, it probably won't be changed for the 4.5 release.

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