Item Count Refreshing

WalrusCPWalrusCP Member

I have noticed that items counts that are updated/changed because of a sync don't refresh until you leave and return the views. So for example, if I am on the sync screen and the count of items changes, it won't show a count change until I leave that view and return to it. I have also seen this on the Categories screen and Organize screens. I would assume this is also an issue for the Favorites screen as well.


  • WalrusCPWalrusCP Member

    Along these same lines, when using the "Move to Folder" option, selecting the folder doesn't highlight the selected folder. You have to select "MtF" again to see if your selection took.

  • MrRooniMrRooni

    Team Member

    Nice reports, @WalrusCP‌ , I've entered them into our bug tracker.

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