B52 Dropbox sync not quite right

I added a new Facebook login to 1password for Windows earlier which syncs to my Dropbox.

Opened B52 just now and noticed it still said 163 items and when I searched the logins I could not see this new Facebook login...

Checked sync settings, it has, or it says it has been syncing and I also told it to Sync Now too, still 163 items when it should be 164

Opened AppStore version of 1password and as soon as it had synced I had 164 items and this Facebook login was there.

Opened B52 again, still only 163....

Disabled sync and added Dropbox sync as we had to do to fix the previous upgrade of beta issue and guess what, 164 items and it's there.

So although the Dropbox sync appears to be working after upgrading, there's something not right, I've had to disable sync and setup again for it to sync a new item :(


  • MrRooniMrRooni

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    @Fedorov‌ It sounds like you may have been rate-limited by Dropbox. This can happen when 1Password makes a large number of requests to Dropbox at one time. I'm certainly not brushing off your issue, but I'd like you to keep monitoring it and let us know if you see this issue again.

  • Failed to sync 1 new item on B52 iphone, worked in appstore version then I also tried it on the iPad B52 and same issue, had to disable dropbox sync and setup again for it to sync properly, too much coincedence, never seen appstore version ever fail to sync an item yet both iphone and ipad required disable and re-enable of dropbox to get to sync properly.

  • I see the same problem with the B52 version. Just add 1 single item on Mac version: the iOS official version perfectly syncs; the beta iOS version doesn't.

  • Easy to reproduce and I suspect unless something changed we'll see the same when we upgrade to B53 where the Dropbox sync appears to work following an upgrade but is somehow broken until you disable and re-enable it

  • MrRooniMrRooni

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    Thanks folks, we've got this one in our bug tracker and we will take a look.

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