Browser Extension Bug: filling hidden/disabled form fields with username



  • Thanks for the update @jxpx777. Can you also forecast what will happen on the 1Password 3 branch?

  • Hi @jxpx777, @Megan‌

    do you have any updates on this issue? Is it fixed in v4? Will it be fixed in v3?

  • Hi @Russell_Stout‌

    Thanks for checking in on us. Our developers are currently working on a major improvement to the version 4 browser extension that will address the issue of hidden fields. You should already see improved behaviour in version 4, but our filling gurus are intent on making it even better. Unfortunately, all of our development resources are currently focussed on improving 1Password 4 and getting it released across all platforms. We will continue to monitor 1Password 3 and ensure that there are no critical security issues with the software, but we do not have any updates planned at this time.

    I'm sorry that I don't have a perfect answer for you here, but please do let me know if you have any further questions or concerns!

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    Thx for the update @Megan‌. I am still on v3. I would appreciate to be informed here when the improvement of v4 in this regard is finished. I will test it then and upgrade eventually. :)

  • Hi @Russell_Stout‌

    I've added a note to the issue in our tracking system to ensure that this thread is updated when the issue is solved. Thanks for your patience!


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