Highlighted text in 'Settings - Security' on iPhone and iPad [Will follow up soon]

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I just noticed that on the iPad beta (RC2) the 'change master pw' and 'change sec code' options are highlighted in blue, which I believe is wrong, since the blue color is reserved for buttons that don't take you anywhere and just perform an action (i.e. the ones without an '>' to the right). On the iPhone these options are not highlighted, and they shouldn't be on the iPad either.

Screenshots of both:
iPhone, iPad.

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    Hi @ningwie,

    Good eyes!

    It's intentional because they are buttons on the iPad, it activates a window to bring up to let you change the code and/or master password.

    On the iPhone, these are sliders because it slides in the next menu instead of opening a separate window.

    However, I've filed a bug report to clarify with the team that these are supposed to be intentional and I'll follow up here once they clarify this for me.

    Thanks for reporting these!

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