Folder syncing 4.1.2 [Will be improved in the upcoming 4.3 update soon]

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If 2 computers have changed or added info, how does it merge. Latest input survives?

I have 2 computers both syncing to the same folder/file and 1Pmac is telling me that both have synced but the database is different? why?


  • J_schwinnJ_schwinn
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    more info - this is a primary vault and purchased via agilebits

    the modify date of the file within the sync folder is 2 days earlier, even though 1Pass is saying that it just sync'd

  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Hi, @J_schwinn.

    I'm sorry you're having trouble with folder syncing your 1Password data. Is the folder that's configured to sync always available on each system and do those systems all have permission to read and write the data?

    If 2 computers have changed or added info, how does it merge. Latest input survives?

    Whichever data was last modified will survive.

  • both computers are mine, but the user names are different. I'll add the other name to the native computer where the file is stored and see if this helps.

    should the modification date change on the synced file, can I open the synced file without messing up things to confirm that it has the latest info from the 1pass that resides on the same computer? If I double-click the synced file it asks if I want to create a new vault... is this OK to check the file?

  • also, would the sync notification within the prefs still say that syncing was performed if it wasn't able to write?

  • J_schwinnJ_schwinn
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    well, before I had the chance to mess around with any sharing/user prefs, I had mounted the networked computer onto the second computer and shortly after opening and closing 1P, the files sync'd. Both computers are on the same network and each have full access. So... I'm not sure why.

    My concern is that both versions of 1P were reporting (within the sync/prefs window) that syncing was successful.

  • The networked computer, where the "sync folder" resides needs to be mounted on the desktop of the other computer that is trying to sync. If the computer with the "sync folder" is not mounted on the remote computer then 1Password will still report "Last synced 3 seconds ago" even though it hasn't successfully synced.

    This is how it is working for me, is this correct? thanks.

  • This continues to be a problem, and a potential "bug"? Has this been fixed in later non-AppStore versions?

    When syncing via networked folder, and the networked computer is not mounted. The sync dialog will show a message that syncing has been successful even though it has not. It will say "Last synced X seconds ago". But the syncing does not occur until the networked computer is mounted.

    Can anyone confirm that this is true, or is my setup wrong?

    Version 4.1.2 (412009) mac

  • MartySMartyS AgileBits Customer Care (retired)

    The Last synced X seconds ago message you are seeing is related to the local copy of the data… not the remote. 1Password has no way of forcing data to/thru another computer. I cannot tell from your comments in this thread if you are using a 3rd-party folder sync utility, or if you're simply sharing a folder from system A to system B (which seems most likely since you say you have to mount something on system B).

    So unless there are things going on that haven't been stated yet, I think that 1Password is completely correct to say its part is done — despite the fact that you say the data isn't on the networked computer B until you mount something there.

    Now if you're saying that your 1Password sync folder choice is on the system B, and isn't available to system A until mounted on system A then yes, you're seeing a "minimized" interpretation of an error, where 1Password failed X seconds ago and simply reported it as a success (an attempt, really). In the beta versions for 1Password there have been improvements in reporting sync issues so it is possible it would now be shown as a problem. You'll need to wait for 4.3 to see how it handles your exact situation.

  • Hi Marty

    Yes it's your last scenario. The folder identified to sync is on a local network computer/drive.

    The message "Last synced "X" seconds ago" should report "not synced" or "failed" etc. Hopefully next version will handle this better.



  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @J_schwinn,

    If you're using the Mac App Store version of 1Password, which is still at 4.1.2, then the next update will be much better. We've submitted 1Password 4.3 to the Mac App Store a few days ago, so expect to see the update within a week or two.

    If 1Password detects that the data file is not accessible, it will disable the sync and prompt an error via the Notification Center. However, we did add an extra check for removable drives. 1Password will be notified when the data file becomes accessible again and starts syncing instead of leaving the sync disabled.

  • great thanks!

  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Hi @J_schwinn,

    On behalf of @MikeT, you're welcome!

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