Password conflicts in Dropbox now that appstore version updated

Not the easiest to explain. I've got the latest 4.5.1b1 beta installed today (iPhone & iPad) and it was showing 172 under All items.
The appstore update has also appeared so my appstore version on both my iPhone & iPad got updated to the new v4.5 - the appstore version was previously running with BOTH iCloud and Dropbox sync. After the update only iCloud sync was present......
So.... to keep in sync with my beta versions (and Windows beta) I disabled iCloud sync and went to add Dropbox, after doing this my appstore version went from showing 138 items to 176 items.
Alarm bells rang as I know I only had 172 items in the beta version!!!

Opening the beta it has also now synced to 176 items so while both beta and appstore versions using the same Dropbox are kind of matching I have a section showing Passwords - 5 items, one is for which I changed to a new random password a few days ago, 3 are twitter accounts I also changed and another is a games site that I last changed in Dec 2013.

Anyway, what has me more worried is it has reverted some of my logins back to the old passwords, take as an example....
In iOS it shows:
"abc" (original password)
then below it has a Conflicts section where it lists:
"xyz" (new password)
"abc" (original password)

When I view this in the Windows beta it shows under the URL:
"abc" (original password)
"xyz" (new password)
"abc" (original password)

Under Web form details:
"abc" (original password)

Under Password History:
21/02/2014 "xyz" (new password)
18/04/2014 "abc" (original password)

The NEW password was generated on 18/04/2014 so why does it show 21/02/2014 alongside it???????

Obviously I'm slightly concerned as I now need to manually look through all my recent password changes (thanks Heartbleed) and ensure the NEW password is in as the current one and not stored as a historic date, I can see another couple I need to swap around already......

Not quite sure where we go from here as something has reverted passwords from when I turned iCloud off and switched the new appstore version over to Dropbox to match the betas all running from Dropbox.

I'm confused and suspect other beta testers may also see a similar behaviour....


  • I didn't got duplicates but got some items merged without asking.
    Will have to dig deeper to see if the passwords I changed remains current or the old ones are used since I was also using iCloud with the previous version.

  • Thanks - the AppStore version was in sync with the beta about a week ago when they were both using Dropbox.
    The AppStore upgrade removed Dropbox and so the iCloud data looks to be used, then when you remove iCloud and switch AppStore version back to using the same Dropbox as it always did it has created conflicts and certainly has swapped the older passwords back with my newer Heartbleed ones appearing as conflicts

  • I've used 1password Windows beta as it enables me to sort all the items by modified date so I could work through about 20 recent updates.
    I've deleted all the conflict passwords listed under each one and moved (copy/paste) the newer passwords back as current to overwrite the old ones....

    I've then launched the app on iPhone, beta & AppStore versions, both synced with correct number of items and no conflicts. Same with both apps on iPad.

    I've then updated the AppStore version on my wife's iPhone turned on Dropbox and synced to my Dropbox all okay.

    I appear to be sorted now - luckily wife's 1password didn't have iCloud turned on as it's only syncing to MY Dropbox otherwise I suspect some old iCloud items would have screwed even more of my entries!

  • MrRooniMrRooni

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    We have identified and fixed this problem and are going to be submitting 4.5.1 to store shortly. I'm terribly sorry for the trouble that it caused, but I'm glad you were able to sort it out.

  • I found 1 conflict and some duplicates inside the items. I reverted back to my Dropbox backup and is all working fine.
    Anyway, is good to know that you sorted it out and it has been fixed.

  • Thanks @MrRooni‌ - no apology needed, happy to test. I'm glad I don't have a 1000+ items to worry about or have to go through and check though! :)

    Glad the Windows beta allows me to sort by modified date to easily find all my recent changes and fix them all.
    Date sorting on iOS would be very very useful as would the Dicer password generation which I can only do via Windows not iOS.

    Really pleased to hear you've found and fixed this and hope it doesn't affect too many users.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi guys,

    You should not experience the problem anymore in the latest 4.5.1 RC1 builds. So, please do confirm that it is working much better without using the App Store build for now.

    We really appreciate your help here, we couldn't find it without you guys helping us here.

  • Thanks @MikeT‌ - tricky one to reproduce for me now as it was caused by old iCloud data overwriting my main Dropbox. As I've fixed all the conflicts it's not an easy one to reproduce not would I want to dare to try and overwrote all my entries again if you get my drift :)

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @Fedorov,

    No worries, we understand. Be sure to back up your 1Password data on the desktop, just in case. :)

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