1Password keeps popping up a blank window

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Recently, 1Password has started exhibiting two serious problems.

First, it often pops up a blank window, like this:

This even happens when 1Password has been unlocked, and will submit passwords for some sites even as it exhibits this behavior for other websites.

Second, the master password dialog is often not accepting the enter key. It's not that the password dialog is receiving and rejecting my password - it's allowing data entry in the master password textbox, but won't actually allow me to submit it: the textbox is just dead.

There's no apparent pattern of these incidents - they don't seem to occur only with some sites or only under some circumstances.

Both of these things are killing 1Password for me. This adds to the growing list of sites for which 1Password has stopped correctly entering credentials and/or recognizing the right textboxes. The amount of maintenance that 1Password is requiring in order to keep entering passwords correctly, in only some of the websites that I use (others don't work right at all), have me on the verge of dumping 1Password and returning to RoboForm.

Any ideas or suggestions?


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    Hi @sfsdfd,

    Thanks for taking the time to contact us. I'm sorry that you are having some trouble.

    From the looks of your screenshot, you're using Firefox. And the behavior you mention is consistent with known bugs in the current version 23 of Mozilla's browser. Could you try Firefox 24 and let me know if you're still having trouble? In our testing of Firefox 24, Mozilla has fixed the problems that were in Firefox 23. It's currently in beta, but you can wait for Mozilla to release it to the stable channel later this month if you don't want to use the beta version now.

    Another possibility is to try the 1Password 4 for Mac beta if you are willing. 1Password 4 interfaces with Firefox in a completely different way, so the bugs in Firefox 23 do not affect it like this.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know.

  • Khad:

    That's really interesting! I'm a little leery of running beta software, but I'll wait until Firefox 24 is released (and cope with the problems in the meantime), see whether it plays more nicely with 1Password, and report back if I continue to have issues. I'll also keep an eye out for 1Password 4 and will give it a spin once it's released.

    Thanks very much for the detailed reply!

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    Actually, Firefox 24 just came out. Let me know if that helps. :)

  • Still broken with ff24 on a Mac.

  • FirehawkFirehawk Junior Member

    Confirmed. Click on the icon in the menu bar and a new window opens with some stuff on it, but quickly goes to a white page. FF24.

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    If you'd be willing to try the 1Password 4 beta, that should resolve this for you. Just email us with a link to this thread and your forum username: [email protected] agilebits .com

  • This happened to me yesterday as well.

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    It has been very frustrating trying to work around a lot of bugs in Firefox lately. We've completely reworked how 1Password interacts with the browsers in 1Password 4, and, as such, you shouldn't run into these kinds of problems any more in 1Password 4. Please sign up for the 1Password 4 for Mac beta and let me know if you're still having trouble in Firefox when using 1Password 4.

  • Khad,

    I am using 1Password 4 beta now for a week or so and it seems to be working well with Firefox as you recommended on the browser forum. For those on this thread, give it a try. Seems pretty stable and the new interface is not too bad either.

  • hi, @doctormo!

    I'm glad to hear that 1Password 4 seems to have fixed the problem for you! We'll keep our fingers crossed that things continue to behave nicely for you, but if you notice anything else - please let us know! :)

  • snakeheadsnakehead Junior Member

    I've upgraded to FF v.24 and still have the same issue. I've uninstalled the extension in FF, then restarted FF and added it back. Same issue. Only way to fix it seems to restart FF each time the issue occurs. I'm on OS X btw...

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    Hi @snakehead,

    I'm sorry that you are also having some trouble.

    I moved this thread to the Mac Browser Extensions category. Please see the support article at the top of this category for details:

    Trouble in Firefox 24: Wrong Logins, Blank Extension, etc.

  • Same issue with FF 24 on Windows.

    Great for the Mac users that they have a Beta that is fixing it. What about mixed users with Windows+Firefox? :(

    No hope of a beta. No expectation of a new release. Is 1Password going to be a cross-platform solution?

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    Hi @fool4,

    Thanks for asking about this. While this is the Mac forum category, there are still three other workarounds for Windows users until Mozilla resolves this. I'll quote from the support article:

    Unfortunately, in the latest versions of Firefox, there seems to be some changes that are causing issues for the 1Password extension. We've been looking into this trouble with Firefox but have not been able to find the cause. We started to see this issue within Firefox 23, and unfortunately Firefox 24 does not seem to have resolved it. It seems that it is related to opening new windows. It doesn't happen every time, but if you open enough new windows, you will eventually get a JavaScript exception, and the 1Password extension will cease to function properly.

    We have not yet found a solution, but we do have four possible workarounds:

    1. Join the 1Password 4 for Mac beta. This is the preferred option as we are integrating with Firefox in a different way in version 4 which is not affected by the Firefox changes.
    2. Switch to Safari or Chrome until Firefox resolves this issue. This may not be ideal depending on your workflow.
    3. Downgrade to Firefox 22 and disable automatic updates. This is not ideal from a security perspective.
    4. Never use more than one Firefox window. This may be the most tricky to implement since it's very easy to accidentally open a new window or browse to a site which does it automatically.

    Obviously (1) doesn't apply to Windows users at this time, but all the rest of them do. None of them are ideal. We understand that. I hope that you are able to use one of those three, though, until this is resolved.

  • Hello,

    I just wanted to add that this problem was introduced on my Windows PC with last weeks update to Aurora 26. So previously with Aurora 24 and 25 I did not have this problem.
    Could this mean that Firefox 23+ has some changes which where not in Aurora until version 26? I have no idea but if we are lucky, this could help you to find the cause of this issue.
    I should also mention that I am using the beta extension 3.9.20.b3.

  • Hi @hakan,

    Thanks for providing that extra information! We'll pass this along to the guys at Mozilla, but unfortunately, since the bug is on their end, there's not much more that we can do. We'll keep our fingers crossed that they track this one down and squash it soon.

  • Can you post links to the relevant bug(s) in bugzilla? Would love to help.

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    We're still trying to verify some more details before filing it in Bugzilla, but we're in touch with them. I'll try to post back here with a link as soon as I have one.

  • pkdesignpkdesign Junior Member

    Still having the same exact issue described in this forum. We are up to Firefox 25.0.1. Any news yet on this bug?

  • Hi @pkdesign,

    Thanks for checking in on us. A recent post here suggests that this issue might be resolved in the latest Firefox betas. If you're willing to give it a go, you can find the latest Firefox Nightly build here. Please let me know if you see any improved behaviour!

    I am having the same issue.
    I am running:
    MAC OSX 10.6.8
    1Password 3.8.21
    1Passord Firefox Extension 3.9.12 (ESR)
    Firefox 29.0

    I will also add that I have no issues when running Safari 5.1.1 on the same machine

  • Hi @cprmetro‌

    I'm so sorry to hear that this issue is causing problems for you right now. Unfortunately, our development is focused on 1Password 4 at the moment, so I can't promise any updates will be made to the version 3 extension at this time.

    If Safari is working for you, it might be best to use that browser for the time being.

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