Can't find data file on mac.


I just installed the new Mac version of 1Password, and uninstalled my chrome extension. I'm trying to find my data file on my mac but it's not showing anything when I click on 'find data file'.......... Not sure where to start here. Thanks in advance.


  • If you installed the AgileBits store version the data file should be stored in
    ~/Library/Application Support/1Password 4.
    If you installed the Mac App Store version the data file should be stored in ~/Library/Containers/


  • Thanks Stephen. You'll have to forgive my lack of experience with this. When I click that file folder, It opens other folders that I can only open. Under that folder in data>library>backups, there are files, but they are apparently for the mini.....How can I migrate this to the full version?

  • 1P Mini and the main 1P4 app use the same database so you should not be seeing different data in them (or no data in one and data in the other!). I think you have a problem not yet properly identified. Two (and a half!) questions:

    1. have you ever run more than one version of 1P4 on your machine (for example, a beta and the Mac App Store version) and, in passing, what version are you running;
    2. where are you seeing the message find data file—is it when you try to open 1P4, when you run 1P Mini, when you open the browser extension by clicking on the key icon, or on some other occasion?


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    Hi guys,

    @mikemall, if you're not sure how to answer @Stephen_C questions, we can figure out those answers another way. Can you please email us your diagnostic report to support + FORUM at with a link to this thread.

    Thanks! Let me know when you've sent the email.

  • Hello,

    I am having a similar issue as @mikemall.

    I have forgotten my 1Password master password, and want to 'start over', by following steps in the 'Start Fresh' instructions.

    However, in Preferences/General, I can't see where my data file is being held: it doesn't display ay file-path for this file. I've looked in the two locations suggested by @Stephen_C (on 30th April, 2014) - but with no success.

    Please could you offer a suggestion of how to proceed - thanks!


  • @DaisyL‌ are you using 1P4 or 1P3? The page to which you linked is for 1P3 but you're posting on the 1P4 for Mac forum. Let us know and if necessary I'll move your post to the 1P3 forum, where you'll get more help.

    (Just in case you need it, the equivalent page for 1P4 is here.)


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    Hi @DaisyL,

    Was @Stephen_C's reply helpful for you to get started over?

    Please let us know if you're still stuck, and which version of 1Password you've been using, and we'll be happy to help you get unstuck. :)

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    Just to remind you that your Home Library folder (as distinct from the Library folder for all users and the System Library folder) is hidden by default. It can be revealed, either permanently or temporarily. For instance, press Option and go to the Go menu in the Finder.

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    Thanks for that tip, @danco.

    The starting over guide shows direct Go > Go to Folder… usage instead of first opening Library and navigating from there.

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