Software License Version Number Updating

I do like that 1Password obtains both the icon and version number when adding software licenses. And I have also seen that there is the ability to update missing icons via the "Help -> Tools -> Update Existing Software Licenses." However, can you add another ability to this function: the ability to obtain the current version number of the software item to the item in 1Password.

For example, the version of 1Password in my Software License library is 3.2.2 and I just updated to version 3.4.4. Rather than having to go through all the keychain items and update each individually, I should have the option to update all. If there were an item that I did not want to allow auto update on (say a different license applied to different versions, then I should be able to click a box to exempt that item from receiving the auto update.

Some of us using 1Password could be accused of having a mild case of OCD. You know, some of us... Just saying....


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    Hi drcgmc,

    Welcome to the forums!

    You are correct that many 1Password users (including us at Agile) are — how should I put this? — meticulous about our 1Password upkeep. :-) Personally, since most software is licensed for a whole version (3.x, 4.x, etc.) not per update (3.2.1, 3.2.2, etc.) I just use integers for the version numbers: 3, 4, etc.


    Upgrades provide new license keys, so I just use that as an opportunity to update the version number while I am updating the license key anyway.

    I hope that helps. Cheers!
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