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I had originally downloaded the trial version of 1 password back in early August. When you first open 1 Password there is a whole bunch of dummy data there. I deleted all of these accounts. I then created 3 new ones.

Flash forward to today, I opened 1 password and I was prompted for the update. I did the update. Then I added the license so I have a full non-restricted copy. I then also moved the keychain into the dropbox folder, through preferences so I can do dropbox syncing across my computers and soon iphone/ipad.

However, when I unlocked 1password after moving it to dropbox, all of the dummy accounts re-appeared. I assume I have to manually delete them all again. Why did they come back?


  • Well now that I did the dropbox to my macbook pro and wanted to post an update.

    On the macbook pro the vault only contains the logins I created. But if I go to my iMac (Original machine), it also has all of the dummy data logins showing as well. Very strange. I would have thought both would have been sync'd then with the Dummy data via dropbox.
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    Hi imt,

    Welcome to the forums!

    I'm sorry to hear you are having this problem. Is Dropbox done syncing? Just to make sure it is working, if you create an item (e.g.: a Secure Note) on you iMac does it appear on your MacBook Pro? Are you able to see an item created on your MacBook Pro on you iMac?

    There is an item in the menu (Help > Tools > Import Sample Data File) which happens to be right next to some tools for software licenses. Is it possible you accidentally selected that from the menu? A simple solution would be to click the "Sample" tag in the sidebar, click on one of the sample items, select all the items tagged with "Sample" (Edit > Select All), and delete them (Edit > Delete).

    Let me know what you discover.
  • Actually its probably my own stupidity :D

    I did not realize that on the max version there was the trash can in 1 password. So it was showing me all login's (Both those in the trash and not). When I went to another machine I saw they were in the trash as well. When I cleared the trash they were gone for good via drop box on all machines.

    Thanks. for the reply. Now I got to get to work storing all of my info.
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    Haha! Sometimes we just "have those days." :-)

    I am glad that everything worked out.

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