1Password on a MacPro running 10.7.5 - and different on newer devices

I have ver. 3 on my MacPro which runs 10.7.5 & it syncs with the Dropbox - I also have ver. 4 on my iMac and the newer versions on the iPhone5S and iPad [all software is up to date - the only old software is my MP and its apps.]. I noticed that my 1PW on my iMac, which I was updating due to vulnerabilities noticed, was not syncing via Dropbox [the appropriate file was on DB and correctly identified on all machines & versions of 1PW] - because I had a meeting to go to I changed things to iCloud sync and updated the iPad and iPhone.

It seemed not to work or sync, but i think I fixed that = but on trying to set up my 1PW on my MacPro I didn't see any way to set it up using my iCloud account - which is how I finally went to sync using the newer three devices. How do I have one place to sync to and from? using both ver. 3 and 4 of the app?? As I said, I use the MP asa main machine still = and the iMac increasingly but the iPad and iPhone are also important.


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    Hi @VictoriaJZ,

    iCloud sync was first added in 1Password 4. You're not able to sync via iCloud to version 3.

    Dropbox is the only way to sync between the two versions.

    If you're having trouble with Dropbox sync, we'd be happy to help get things sorted out. :)

  • Thanks....I'll go back to the Dropbox sync later today when time permits = will see if I can get things done on my own and will be in touch if there's an issue that continues. Appreciate the help.

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    Sounds good! Let us know if you have any questions. :)

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