Dropbox setup.

DragonDragon Junior Member
edited June 2014 in iOS Beta

Just installed beta onto iOS 8 to poke at, and during initial setup I noticed a potential little annoyance.

At least without Dropbox app yet installed, if you select previously used and Dropbox sync, then try to cancel after the login page comes up, you cannot. Every time you hit cancel it goes away, and comes straight back up again without being able to cancel out of the dropbox sync page.

Only way I found out of it was to just kill and relaunch the app.

update: with Dropbox app installed, it appears to handle more gracefully, in that can actually cancel out of the 1password dialog after cancelling in Dropbox app.
Though it then comes up with dialog 'Data Not Found, No 1Password data was found on iCloud' despite cancelling from dropbox setup.


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