[4.5.3b3]Help links cause issues

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Tapping on "Quick Tour" causes UI glitches and the app to become unresponsive. The first time actually lead to a respring.

Also, after tapping on "Contact Us", the email sheet cannot be cancelled. Tapping "Cancel" causes the buttons at the top to be grayed out. Sending works fine.

I've attached a few screenshots of what I see when performing the above tasks.

System Information:
System: iOS (8.0) iPhone 5S 32GB
1Password Version: 4.5.3b3
Device Name: iPhone
Locale: en_US


  • tdubetdube Junior Member

    I tried the same above - quick tour had no glitches in UI but in general I would say the UI is "glitchy" overall in iOS8 - not sure this would be the cause. Ive had re-springing going on all week (didnt notice last week). The others are valid - thought maybe the contact us was a mail app issue but I can switch over to mail and start a new mail.

    Overall I'm just happy I can run 1Password on my iOS8 device ;-)

  • I can confirm neither of these are issues under iOS 8 beta 2 in either 1Password 4.5.3b3 or release version.

    And oops, neither is the Dropbox sync crash in the 1Password release version.

  • MrRooniMrRooni

    Team Member

    Good stuff, @fatherfork, I appreciate the follow up!

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