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Updated to the newest 1Password beta and tried it for 10 minutes, here is a few thoughts on Safari Extension:


  1. It is cool when it is working
  2. Very convenient


  1. Right now, it will stops working randomly; when it stops working, auto fill and auto submit does not work
  2. Actually auto submit does not work even if auto fill is working
  3. The UI of the Plug-In is rather simple, just a pop out with two lines of word, could be better
  4. I am using a iPhone 5 and iPad 4, therefore I could not enjoy the convenience of touch ID; but have to enter Main Password every single time while using Safari Plug-In is a bit annoying. Probably is time to change to a device with touch ID
  5. It is not possible to modify the extension in setting

Over all, I am excited about the potential of 1Password on iOS 8, but I think this beta is a bit more like a prototype and could be improved a lot in the future.

I hasn't play with the code of the Plug-In yet, some Cons that I mentioned above could just be the limitation of iOS 8, please tell me if I am actually using the limitation of the system to attack this beta.


  • One other suggestion:

    It would also be nice to receive a prompt for 1Password to remember new passwords it doesn't have on file. Not sure if iOs 8 extensions allow for this though.

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    Hi @jdjansen‌,

    This basically is a prototype running on top of an iOS beta. We're sharing our earliest draft of the implementation with the beta team here, so that you guys can start helping us and Apple with this. We are going to release more updates to flesh out the implementation, keep fixing bugs, and push the extension to the limits, so that Apple can get our bug reports as well.

    Right now, the majority of your list is due to the fact that this is a very early draft. The random breakage you're seeing (we see it too) is due to a communication problem between the extension and the app and we're investigating to figure this out.

    The auto-save is not yet possible in the iOS app itself, so that's going to be something we can try down the line but right now, our focus is on the filling part.

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