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Being able to log into Safari with 1Password is so awesome! I think Apple and you will have a hard time explaining this UI (It's a bit odd being in the Share UI, but I get it) that Apple will likely have to change the Share menu name or something.

Anyway, this is awesome.


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    Hi @Sriggins,

    I'm glad you liking this so far and the best part is that it is just a beginning. We have a lot of work ahead, so strap in, and enjoy the ride. :P

    I agree. I think Apple's just getting started with the new powerful extendability APIs and right now, the ShareKit is the best place for Apple to place it in without doing a major redesign for iOS 8. I think it is possible Apple will redesign this in future versions of iOS and this is how Apple usually work, they start simple and then iterate on it through future versions.

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