Selective Restore?

i just discovered that I lost a username/password somehow several months ago. Is there any way to go back several months and grab the data for just one site, or is the restore function all or nothing?



  • Hi Frank ( @Sorastro ),

    Unfortunately at this time restoring your database is an all-or-nothing process, and is not something that you can do using only 1Password 4 for iOS. If you use 1Password on any other computers in addition to your mobile device, we could potentially do some fancy footwork and try creating a fresh backup, restoring to an older backup (assuming you have one from the time that the password existed), exporting that password, restoring to the fresh backup and then importing that password, but it's not quite a simple matter.

    I'm sorry that I don't have a better answer for you here, but please let me know if you use 1Password on any desktop computers if you're interested in trying this out. (If so, it would help to have the version numbers of both 1Password and your operating systems on those computers!)

  • Thanks. It would probably be a useful feature to have. I'm very surprised to see that the IOS App has no internal backup-restore functionality by itself. Seems like a major missing feature.

    I'm using 1Password3 on OSX 10.6 & OSX 10.7 and 1Password4 on OSX10.8 and OSX10.9 - and, of course I have the Android App as well - all synced with Dropbox. I figured I could do something like you mentioned - basically backup the current version, restore the old version, grab the data (probably it would be easiest just to manually copy the data), then restore the new version and manually correct the item.


  • Hi Frank ( @Sorastro‌ )

    We are in the process of implementing a backup and restore feature for the iOS app - I agree, it will be very useful. Unfortunately, it will still be the 'all-or-nothing' deal as the desktop apps are.

    Now, 1Password stores the 30 most recent backups, and backups are performed daily if data has been updated. Take a peek at your existing backups (using File > Backup will show you that list) to see if you have any backups from the period that you are looking for.

    If so, you'll want to disable sync on all computers and devices before you do your backup and restore, just so things don't get muddled up. Perform your fix on one machine, then once all is good, re-enable sync to sync the changes to your other machines.

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