1PasswordAnywhere trash - how to remove items there? [read-only, so use 1Password on Mac or Windows]

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So I logged into my 1Password in Dropbox and I saw a trash area. How can I delete these? I just use 1Password for iOS also and I don't see a trash area in the app, I just see this in 1PasswordAnywhere. Thanks


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    Hi @prime,

    1PasswordAnywhere is read-only — there is no way to modify your data. This also means that you can't empty the trash.

    You're not able to empty the trash with 1Password for iOS either. You need to use 1Password for Mac or Windows.

    Sorry I don't have a better answer!

  • Well you can add that to the list of options then for iOS :)
    Thanks for the quick response.

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    Thanks for the feedback! I’ll let our developers know that you’re interested in this. :)

  • Thank you!! I was wondering about this now also. I thought my Dropbox sync wasn't working because I got a new iPad and had it sync to drop box and was told I had more in Dropbox than in my iPad app. I took a chance and merged it anyways. When I opened the 1Password app after I synced it, all was fine. Now could it be that the 1Password detected the stuff in the trash in Dropbox and that's why It seemed the count was off?

  • Hi @prime,

    I'm glad to hear that merging your vaults got things sorted out! 1Password is generally pretty good at determining which data is newer so that you get a nice smooth merge when combining two slightly different databases.

    Without knowing more details, it's hard to say where those extra items were coming in (but I doubt it was due to items in the Trash.)

    Please do let us know if you have any further questions - we're happy to help!

  • Thanks. I just thought it was strange, and it said something like "Dropbox has 99 items and 1password has 66". All merged 1Password only has 66 things still. Just made me think, did Dropbox include the deleted stuff in that count?

    I know you can only do so much, but it really appreciate the support here. :)

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    Hi @prime,

    I've done a bit more investigation here, and it looks like the 99 items that you were seeing in the Dropbox file might have included tombstones (our fancy name for your deleted items.) I can certainly see how this would have been confusing to you. I've filed an issue in our internal tracker to see if our developers can't improve things here. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

    internal reference number: OPI-1224

  • So this can explain the issues people have with merging to a current Dropbox 1Password account. :)
    Thanks @megan

  • Hi @prime,

    This can explain a lot of the confusion and worry, I think. Again - thanks for letting us know about this!

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