1Password in Amazon Appstore is very old [right, v4 not currently available on Amazon Appstore]

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is it supported? will it be updated to 4.x? thanks marc.


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    Hi Marc! 1Password 4 is not available in the Amazon Appstore, but it is something we are going to look into. I'll pass on your vote for this request. Thanks.

  • I would like to second this request.

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    Thanks adding your vote for this, @Nymaen! We appreciate the feedback. :)

  • Let me start with stating that I like 1Password a lot. I have licenses on iOS for my iPhone, for my iPad, on my MacOS X machines, on Windows and ...

    ... here comes the pain ...

    I also use both Android and BlackBerry 10-devices. The Android-devices don't have access to Google Play (which is not that uncommon outside the US). The BlackBerry 10-devices also run Android-apps but they neither have access to Google Play.

    So, I use a couple of other marketplaces of which Amazon is one of them.

    My present problem is, that I live in Europe ... and ... some of my customers are not very happy with Cloud-based storage. Storing your passwords in a cloud is a no go. So far, so good: that's where 1Password excels.

    But then: 37% of my customers have ditched iOS iPhones for BlackBerry (14% for Windows Phone). Some of them with additional security solutions on the phones, some are happy with the more granular, yet heavier security-features on the platforms (on Windows Phone that is with some extra software installed).

    As an result I have adopted BlackBerry's within my company to support those customers. To be honest, having survived PalmOS, Newton, Symbian, WebOS, iOS, Android and various others I must say that I'm pleasantly surprised. But that's not the topic to be discussed here.

    So, I've installed 1Password from Amazon: but that's ancient. It runs, s-l-o-w ... That's strange, because running Android Games from the Android-market place or 1 Mobile-store on the BlackBerry goes okay ... Netflix runs at a mere 0.5 to 1% framedrop at most, games run at nice FPS too ...

    Being a bit bold I took the Google Play APK and ported it onto my device. It works, with the same quirks as on Android: no more, no less ... The experience is the same ... Now, downloading a free version is okay ... But I expect AgileBits want to earn something ... Therefore, I'm not going to steel somebodies work ... I'd like to purchase the App for my company ... I'm not going to provide my entire company with hacked versions. Never have and never will.

    But, I need the cross-platform support. That's what I like about 1Password, together with it's local-stored database.

    It's 2014 and it matters less by the day which OS you run. You're happy with Windows? Stick with it. You're all into Mac? Just be happy with it ... The same goes for mobile: iOS, WebOS, Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry, Ubuntu ... Take your pick.

    If Agilebits choses to distribute the Android verion only via Google Play, then both my Android and BlackBerry devices will not be served, which will force my company to switch to a different cross-platform solution.

    I can't imagine the Amazon-marketplace being so hard to support or having worse contracts than Google Play ... From what I recall it's about Android and not about Google ...

    So please, add your Android application to both Google Play and Amazon Market-place.

    As already mentoined: the software runs equally good/bad on BlackBerry as on Android. It has the same (early release quircks). No more, no less.

    Just a message from a paying customer holding over 28 licenses under different names.

  • The Android-devices don't have access to Google Play (which is not that uncommon outside the US).

    I've never heard of Android devices not having access to Google Play, apart from Kindle's Android derivative. (I'm in the UK btw).

  • Hi RichardPayne,

    Aside from Amazon's derivative, there are various budget Android Tablets that don't meet Google's requirements. One of such is the Archos Arnova 97 G4. It runs on Android 4.1 has an 9.7 inch IPS LCD display, USB and a HDMI port, supported by a 1.6GHz dual core processor.

    I have customers in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, one in Sweden and a couple in Asia and South America. There's a tremendous difference in budget, technology awareness and attitude towards IT.

    For example, I have client that implemented 500 iOS devices. It didn't work, so he tries to send them back ... Supplier denies to refund... Client sells iPhones for 50% of their market value, takes his loss and switches over to Windows Phone. Unthinkable in some countries. However, I sense a certain misunderstanding between Western way of thinking (where IT is more or less a commodity) and the upcoming countries. But that's not for this forum :-).

    So, I have a client that runs a very nice business with a very healthy annual growth-rate. But, he can't afford expensive iPads or iPhones or top of the notch Android phones. Not because they're so expensive, but he knows that IF he would provide his staff with such expensive devices, they would be uncomfortable using the devices or even prone to violent situations, such as theft or robbery. 650 pounds for an iPad Air with 4G is not one's entire salary in most parts of Western Europe. That's somewhat different in parts of South America or Asia ... I don't know if people here in Western Europe would be comfortable using their iPads or Android Tablets the way the do if the devices would cost near 2000 or 3000 pounds :-) ...

    Anyway, there are a couple of other brands and device types ... I could compile a list somewhere upcoming weeks. And yes, most of the time those are budget phones/tablets (except for Amazon's offering). But nevertheless, nobody stated that 1Password should be for the rich only :-) ... Even though it has a tough entry point (in terms of pricing).

    That with regard to Android. The other potential customer-group are the BlackBerry users which have been offered a truly wonderful Android virtual machine that runs almost anything that would run on native Android. They don't have Google Play either, but could be potential clients too.



  • Interesting, although I do take issue with one thing you said:

    I don't know if people here in Western Europe would be comfortable using their iPads or Android Tablets the way the do if the devices would cost near 2000 or 3000 pounds ...

    I seriously doubt that the type of opportunistic thieves that will try to mug you for a tablet will either know nor care what type of tablet it is. If you are at risk of that where you live then simply flashing any tablet around will put you at risk. Having a "cheap" tablet is just a false sense of security in my opinion.

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    Hey @pruksi,

    Thank you for your support of 1Password. The current release version of 1Password 4 for Android is designed and tested on devices that support Google Play services. While it may work, it's not intended to be side-loaded on unsupported devices.

    Support for both the Amazon Appstore and BlackBerry World have been requested by several of our users. Each of these marketplaces support different devices and take slightly different approaches to in-app purchases. In order to properly support our customers on these platforms, we need to add additional code to support purchasing through these stores and perform additional testing. This is something that we plan on looking into as a possibility for future releases.

    I will pass on your request for Amazon Appstore and BlackBerry World support to our development team. We appreciate your feedback. Please let me know if you have any other questions or suggestions. :)

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    I can install (sideload) the latest 1Password for Android as available in the Play Store on my Kindle Fire HDX 7" tablet... it gives me the same great feature parity as the versions I use on my Mac, and on my iPhone. As you know, and responded to about another user's 'non-compatible' ( i.e. no Play Services) device, the in-app Premium purchase can only be made with Play Services installed. That leaves me now with only the stripped-down reader version on my Kindle Fire tablet.

    The version of 1Password Reader that AgileBits has in Amazon's store is woefully out-of-date and lacking the great new features of this new version.

    Amazon's store supports in-app purchases; I am wondering if there will be a long delay to get the latest-and-greatest 1Password for Android app (with a very-slightly modified API for in-app purchase of the full version) published to the Amazon App Store.

    Please, AgileBits, take my money! :p

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    Hi @pyfgcrl‌. I merged your thread with this one since they both concern the same subject matter. :)

    We would love to take your money, but unfortunately Amazon Appstore support isn't a current possibility for us. It is something we're considering for the future, though. I'll add your vote to this issue. Thanks for your feedback!

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