4.6-20 Can't setup from iCloud

Hey Team,

I just recently got iOS 8 beta and I'm trying to set up using "i've used 1password before" when I select iCloud it just goes to the loading screen then exits.. I took a video so you can see what's going on.. any ideas?

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sjxww7atv7wqrfs/1passwordicloud.MOV?dl=0


  • chrisdjchrisdj AgileBits Support

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    Hi @d2theustin‌,

    Unfortunately, iCloud sync has changed quite dramatically in iOS 8. As our current release is obviously still using the older implementation, that won't work on iOS 8. You will need to switch to Dropbox or Wi-Fi sync for now.

    If you need any help with that, please let me know.

  • thanks @chrisdj‌ I switched to dropbox and it worked fine. I appreciate the quick response!

  • chrisdjchrisdj AgileBits Support

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    Anytime @d2theustin‌! You're very welcome!

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