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Could you please tell me how to setup 1P so the other user on the same computer can share a vault on his side? I don't have Dropbox or iCloud. Your page only explains Dropbox sharing. Also, does the other user have to download the browser plugin on his side?


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    Hi @elgednor,

    Each user account can configure 1Password Folder Sync to a shared local folder for the vault to share/sync. In order to work correctly, each account must have full read and write access to 1Password data being stored in that shared folder. Otherwise, for example, you can end up where the creator of the data can read and write it, but others are only able to read it.

    1Password browser extensions are not required for 1Password data syncing to work.

    Please let us know if you have other questions or would like more assistance; we're happy to help. :)

  • Thank you sjk. I hadn't seen that page you pointed out which explains it all. It seems pretty easy. Say you have 3 vaults and only want to share one of them how do you select only that one during the process?

  • When you go into preferences to set up whatever syncing method you wish, it only applies to the active vault. So all you have to do is switch to the vault you wish to share and then go through the steps :-) If wishing to set up synching for multiple vaults you set them up one by one.

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    Hi @elgednor,

    @littlebobbytables is correct. :)

    Syncing is optional and configured separately for each vault by switching to it and changing settings under Preferences > Sync (with the exception of Wi-Fi sync).

  • littlebobbytables and sjk thank you for your prompt answers. I appreciate your help!

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    On behalf of @sjk (and I'm sure @littlebobbytables‌ doesn't mind, either), you are welcome for the quick help!

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