2 users, 2 apple ids, 1 mac

I recently purchased 1Password 4 on my Apple App Store account and have successfully created a vault of my logins, etc.

Now I want to set up a 1Password account for my wife. She uses the same iMac, but under a separate username and login. We wish to keep her outside logins, memberships, etc. separate from mine. Similarly, we want her 1Password vault to sync with her own apple id and iCloud.

Here's the issue: When we login to her iMac account, 1Password is already there in the applications. When we login to her apple id to purchase a separate 1Password 4 for her, the site says 1Password is already downloaded (which is true, but under my apple id purchase).

Although it appears as if we could use the existing 1Password app and start a new primary vault for my wife, I'm assuming that it would all sync via iCloud to my apple id, which would not be ideal since all of her other syncs go to her own iCloud / apple id.

How do we get my wife her own copy of 1Password?

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  • I don't think you have to. The copy of 1Password on your mac is there and usable because of your apple account. Updates can be downloaded via you. Each person though I'm sure can connect their local account with their own Apple account for iCloud etc. Now you couldn't do this on an iOS device because they're not designed for multiple users at the moment while OS X is. Different OS X accounts should mean completely separate vaults, preferences, synching etc. - all that is shared is the actual executable.

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    The app is downloaded from the app Store. It is a licensed copy use it under each account is no issue Its well within the app store licensing. You can use it freely on that Mac under each user account. Once you open it under her account setup a new vault for her. Sharing is setup under her account 1Password preferences and her vault will sync via her iCloud account / Apple ID. Just make sure to set up her syncing method.

    @littlebobbytables‌ Many thanks for the great information.

    More information on this page


    The Sane Licensing

    What if I want to share it with my family?
    You can upgrade your license to the family license at our web store to include up to 5 family members in the same household. Each family member gets the same deal as you do, they can use the same license on any number of computers depending on the platform license you have.

    If you’d like to get a family license, it’s only offered at our store. However, Apple does allow you to use your AppleID to purchase 1Password and download it for free on the family Macs you own with no restrictions.


    Also from that page

    Can I still use 1Password on all my Macs if I buy 1Password from Mac App Store?
    Yes, Apple allows you to use your AppleID account to download any of your previous purchases for free on all Macs (including family Macs) you own without any restrictions and for free.

  • littlebobbytales and thigh tower (great dog picture!) - thanks for your advice. I'll give it a try soon.

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