Feature request: WiFi Sync to Mac from iOS device

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Hi, I work in an environment where cloud storage is not permitted, so I am unable to sync via dropbox or iCloud.

It would be REALLY cool if I could sync my 1Password for Mac from an iOS device, like my iPhone, which has cellular data connection and dropbox syncing.

Any chance we could see that feature in the future?

Her's hoping,


  • Synching is a two-way process so this is already implemented unless I'm misunderstanding your request. In fact when performing WiFi synching you always have to initiate it from the iOS device, all you're doing in 1Password 4 for OS X is enabling WiFi access rather than starting the actual sync.

  • I want to create a vault on my mac from an existing one on my iOS device, then keep them in sync. Is that currently possible?

  • I've just verified that this is the case. Using an account that hasn't used 1Password before I created a new vault and then enabled WiFi syncing. I then populated the empty vault on OS X with the existing vault on my iOS device resulting in x entries in OS X which matched my iOS device.

    Now to find out what happens when I go back to synching with my proper account haha (pretty sure nothing bad).

  • OK! Great to know. I'll tray that out here. Thanks for the help.

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    Hi @PBAdams‌,

    As @littlebobbytables‌ noted, you can certainly set up Wi-Fi sync between your Mac and iOS device. Even with a fresh vault on the Mac.

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