Avoid auto-adding http:// in front of “website” field


I also use 1Password to store SSH and FTP logins. I usually put the hostname into the “website” field, but that’s a real pain as 1Password keeps prefixing the hostnames with “http://”.

I now realize I probably should not use the “website” field to store a hostname. So is this really the way to do it, create a custom field “hostname” on every new SSH/FTP login that I am going to store?


  • Hi @lollomatique‌

    Since the website field is expecting a URL, it adds the http:// in an attempt to be helpful.

    If you're storing multiple SSH and FTP Logins, you might want to consider creating your own template: create a blank Login with the custom fields that you wish to include (like the hostname). Whenever you need to create a new SSH or FTP Login, simply duplicate the blank one and fill in all your details. Just ensure that one entry always stays blank with the details you need for next time. :)

    I know this isn't a perfect answer - we've heard the request before for custom templates and are considering it, but I hope this helps you in the meantime!

  • Thanks @Megan. This indeed isn’t a perfect answer. Also, I noticed that this started happening in 1Password 4 – version 3 wasn’t that picky about field contents.

  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Hi @lollomatique,

    Might saving your FTP and SSH accounts as Server items work better for you?

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