Auto-filling can't working in "questioned" and "answer"

Many forums offering "questioned" and "answer" in order to provide an advanced authenticated method. Additionally, users have choose a question and filling it's answer which they pre-configured.

Here I deliver a depressing events that 1password seems unable to finish such mission, it can't working in "questioned" and "answer".

all the information has correctly filled into 1password. I just erased them in those images to avoid private data leaking.

But I have to choose the question, then copy and paste the answer manually.

The sample URL of forums are:


  • sjksjk oversoul

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    edited September 2014

    Hi @Autonomous,

    Thanks for reporting this issue and including the helpful annotated images.

    My suggestion to work around the problem is to remove at least the questionid and answer fields from web form details in the Login item(s), add custom fields for your question/answer, and disable auto-submit so you can manually enter the question/answer before manually submitting. An edited item might look something like this:

    Looks like cookietime is also being ignored during filling so it could be removed from web form details, too.

    I've filed a bug here. Thanks again for your detailed report!

    ref: OPX-606

  • @sjk

    well, that is the temporary solution right? I hope for the future update can fix it very soon.

  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Hi @Autonomous,

    Yup, that is intended to help work around the bug report that I filed here. Copying from custom fields should be a bit easier than from web form details.

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