How to change back to english interface

I use 1password 4 for Android for 2 months, everything is fine, but after "any" update while I enable wifi on my HTC android phone, 1password 4 for Android become Chinese version, how to change the language back to English interface, thanks.


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    Hey @vvcat! Sorry to hear that. Could you verify you have English selected when you go into your device Settings > Language & Input > Language?

  • Thanks your reply, but when I tap "Settings", there is not "Language & Input" this item, I only found:

    Translated from Chinese:

    Special feature

    I have tap all the items to look into sub-items, but no "Language & Input" :( , I tried to capture screen and put it to here, but it seems not allow to capture any screens from 1password program.

    The current version for 1password 4 for Android is 4.1.1

  • @vvcat The Language & Input option is in Android System Settings > General, not in 1Password itself.

  • Thanks your reply, let me state clear, my Android phone default is Chinese language, in the past, when I download/install Eng. apps, it will show English interface, last time I downloaded 1password 4 for android apps, it shows English interface whatever English or Chinese Language selected in Setting on my android phone! Maybe my HTC change something after HTC running updated :(

  • The 1Password app doesn't have any language settings. If picks up language from the OS.
    Now, I noticed that it didn't seem to be language aware on the previous 4.0.x versions. Having just upgraded to v4.1.2b1 it is now picking up the language correctly. I would guess that globalisation support was only just added.

    A question though, if you phone UI is in Chinese, why would you want 1Password to be in English?

  • Why I want 1password to be in English?

    It is complicated and very simple but I cannot use "thousands word" to explain it !!!! Very long history for Chinese issue~

    You know what? Translate IT words or IT terms to Chinese, Taiwan/HK users may not know the meaning of the Chinese wording which translated from China and vise versa.

    How do you know the Chinese wording in 1password UI are correct in all smartphone, if the software UI original in English, it is good for using English UI better than poor translation

  • Sorry, but it looks like you're out of luck. It's all or nothing.

    That said, you could always go to and help them get the translations right. ;)

    A quick Google search also turned up this:
    Which may or may not be useful.

  • They should definitely add an option of changing the app's language, regardless of the system language. There are lots of reason you would prefer English in an app, even though the system is displayed in your native language. A common reason is that most translations of apps are made by amateurs or semi-amateurs, while the OS is translated by professionals. If you have at least basic knowledge of English, then I believe you would prefer the UI to be in good English rather than bad Chinese/German/Swedish etc. I know I would.

    It also helps to have the UI in English when asking for support. It is unlikely that googling for a localized error message will give you any good results.

    Also, I have noted that apps and services that exist on different platforms tend to allow the user to change language. Obviously, most web services allow it but also application centric services like Dropbox, Steam and Spotify.

    All that said, I don't think a language option is at the top of Agilebits' list of features to add. I have to agree with @RichardPayne‌ and recommend joining the translation team at Crowdin. I did that myself when I wasn't pleased with 1Password's translation in my own language (Swedish).

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    As Richard pointed out, we don't have any language settings within 1Password. We added localization support as part of the 4.1 update and we set the language of 1Password to the device locale. If you would like to help us improve translations, please join our Crowdin project. We would appreciate it very much. :)

    @Xe997‌ brought up some great points on why it would be useful to have an option to override the language settings. I'm going to open up an issue in our internal issue tracker and discuss this with the Android team. Thank you.

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