Thoughts about changing the master password

After reading the interesting blog entry about password strength I realized that my password didn't really have enough entropy (I am quite paranoid I guess). Thus I changed the master password to a secure one. Everything worked very well and I am now able to use the new password on all of my devices - still a problem remains.

I know that 1password keeps backups of the key vault on every device it is installed on, my fear is now that these backups are still encrypted with the old significantly weaker password. The same goes to dropbox who have some revision system which might have backups of older 1password vaults.

Of course I can consider my data to be stolen and change most passwords but some data (notes and recovery keys) can't be changed. Also I know that dropbox might secretly keep the files for eternity but I would still feel much better if I could remove all instances of vaults encrypted with the "insecure" password. Is there some automated way to do this and if not which files should I delete on my dropbox account and my system?


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