In app purchase done, do I still have to buy license for Windows?

I installed 1password app, I liked it so I purcahsed it. Then I synced it with dropbox.

After that I installed 1password on Windows and then I synced it with dropbox. I got the entries of Android in Windows. But in windows it's saying I'm running a demo version. Why? Will I have to buy it for Windows also regardless of whether I purchased it for android or not?


  • Yes, it is licensed per user per platform. So you need to buy both an Android (which you have) and a Windows license (which you don't).

  • saadsaad

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    Hey Chankey! Thank you for your support of 1Password. We charge per platform to keep costs down. If we offered a universal license, we would have to charge a lot more, because we still have to support development costs of each platform. This way, our customers can pay just for the versions that they need. As well, we offer bundles whenever possible, for a reduced cost, such as in the case of OS X + Windows, and we will certainly consider expanding this to other platforms in the future.

  • I have an android tablet, an android phone, and a windows computer. Need 3 licenses?

  • Only if the two Android devices use different Google accounts. When you make in-app purchases, they are tied to your Google account so you'll pay once for any number of Android devices and once for any number of Windows installations (provided they're all for your personal use).

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