Lost my whole 1password data because accidently reset my Nexus7"

Dear friends, please do help me.I've been used Iphone for a long time so i'm more familliar with the IOS system. First, I deleted my current-using gmail account cause i thought it's ok to sign in my device with any gmail account i have just like i can change my IOS App Store account under any circumstances without causing any problem. (i'm an idiot! ) Then, my nexus device start to crush. I realized i made a huge mistake but by then i didn't know i could use the confirming email that i received according to my associated email to recover the deleted gmail account. So i made my second mistake, i reseted my nexus. Anyway, I could lose all my code in 1pass word if sign in with a new account is the last thing comes to my mind. I recovered the account, signed in nexus, downloaded 1password. Here is the problem, i opened it, select the option that i have used 1password before, then it showed up two other options. One says,use local document to sync, the other is to use dropbox to sync. But i have never used dropbox, and i can't find the backup document in my device. What should i do!!!!!! I saved all my code in this app, can't i just simply use my original account to find it back???

Thank you for your time and please reply me as soon as possible i'm exhausted and desperate!!!!


  • saadsaad

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    Hi @Jpt. I’m so sorry to hear about the problems you were experiencing with your Nexus device and accessing your Google account. If you wiped your device, your 1Password data is also removed as part of the process. Unless you have set up sync using Dropbox or have manually copied the 1Password data folder (.agilekeychain), that is created after setting up local storage sync, to a different device, you have no way to restore your 1Password data, unfortunately.

    Since we do not store your 1Password data on our servers, I am sorry to say I have no way to simply recover the data for you. However, I do have a couple of questions that may help us find out if there is anything we can do to recover your information:

    1. Do you use 1Password on any other devices?

    2. Do you have a backup of your Android device anywhere? Before wiping your device, did you use any cloud solutions to perform sync or backup of your device?

    I look forward to your reply.

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