Bank Account Number --> ONLY NUMERIC ???


In my county the bank account numbers also have special characters like / - .

Why are you limiting that field only to numbers? It is a really bad (and stupid) restriction.

Please allow numbers, letters and some special characters in the future releases.

I hope this help you to improve your product, because it is very good.



  • saadsaad

    Team Member

    You're absolutely right, the bank account number field should be alphanumeric and I'll pass on these details to our development team. Thank you for pointing this out Victor. We really appreciate it. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

  • @saad‌ when you say alphanumeric, are yiu including symbols? The term typically doesn't butvthe OP is asking for symbols.

  • saadsaad

    Team Member

    Yes, sorry. That includes symbols. :)

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