Master password incorrect with iOS 8

Since upgrading to iOS 8 I can access all my information apart from data I've encrypted with the master password. Whenever I enter the master password it tells me it's incorrect. I know for a fact it is not incorrect. Any ideas?


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    Hi @adam1234,

    It sounds to me like you might still be using 1Password 3 for iOS, but just to confirm, I'd love to get a little bit more information about your 1Password ecosystem:

    • What are the version numbers of 1Password and your operating system for all computers and devices running 1Password?
    • What are you using to keep things in sync?

    The more detail you can provide, the more quickly we'll be able to get you sorted out! :)

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  • Hi @adam1234,

    I see that your reply was removed - if you're still having difficulties, we'd be happy to help! Of course, if all is going well, have a great day :)

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