Any way to "pre purchase" from Mac App Store?

Hi all,

My Wife's new MacBook Pro is arriving next week and I've suggested one of the first things she should get is 1Password.

She has a log on to my MBP, so I thought she'd be able to log on, go to the Mac App Store and purchase it using her Apple ID, but there's no option to buy, just Open (presumably because I bought it and it's already installed on the machine?).

We wanted to get in at the promotional price of £24, hence trying to get it before her laptop arrives.

Is there a way to do this, or is it literally a case of waiting for her laptop to arrive and hoping the price is still reduced!?



  • There is an option to send media and apps from the App Store as a gift. I haven't tried it on the Mac App Store, but I assume it's possible to do it there too.

  • Thanks @hawkmoth I just tried that, but the only options I have are Copy Link, Tell a Friend+ Share on FB/Twitter/Google+.

  • Too bad!

  • Aha, I just read this on the Apple forums...

    if the friend lives in the same country as you and uses the same Mac App Store (MAS) as you, you can send the friend an iTunes/App Store Gift Card or an electronic iTunes Gift certificate to cover the cost of the app or other content. You cannot gift MAS apps and games as you can iTunes content.>

  • I wonder it that locks in the sale price?

  • neilcneilc
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    I would presume you just buy it at whatever price is showing when you hit the buy button.

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @neilc,

    At this time, we haven't set an end for the sale, so it's likely that the sale will still be on next week when your wife's laptop arrives. However, your wife should be able to log you out of the App Store and log in with her AppleID and make as many purchases as she needs. :)

    I hope this helps!

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