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I wasn't sure if this is still the right place for 1Password suggestions?

Anyway, I've updated to 1Password 5 and am really liking it so far; I even finally got through my huge list of Watchtower flagged passwords! One feature I would like that I've identified so far though, is that I would really like the ability to sync with more than one folder at a time.

I realise that two-way syncing with multiple folders would be tricky, but perhaps we could have several sync locations with only one functioning in both direction (read/write) while the others just serve as another form of back-up?

You see I currently keep copies of my keychain on a USB stick on my physical keyring, and another on my android phone whenever it's connected to my machine, but currently I can't sync to both devices this way, so I have to run a custom script to handle the syncing for me. Like I say these are just spare copies in case of disaster, but it would be much easier if 1Password could handle it for me now that does syncing specifically.


  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @Haravikk‌

    Thanks so much for the feedback here! I'm so glad to hear that you've been making use of our Watchtower service.

    Unfortunately, we've experimented with using multiple sync sources at a time in the past (most recently with the initial release of 1Password 4 for iOS) and we've found that it tends to cause more trouble than it solves. Please note that 1Password does create backups on its own, every day whenever you make changes to your database - so you have some protection there. What sync option are you using to get your 1Password data onto your Android phone? If you're using Dropbox, you have the benefit of a copy of your database stored safely in the cloud, far away from any crash-able devices.

    I'm glad to hear that you're thinking about the safety of your 1Password data though, and I'd be happy to pass your thoughts along to our developers. :)

  • HaravikkHaravikk Junior Member

    Sorry to bump this after so long, but somehow I missed the update e-mail (if I even got one, I'm not sure).

    I realise that syncing in both directions with multiple folders is complex, as it means merging data from multiple sources, all of which may have changed. However, what I'm really asking for is the ability to set one location for read/write syncing (like we can now), plus any number of one-way sync targets which 1Password will only ever sync to (never from).

    I know 1Password already keeps historic backups periodically, but syncing in this way would allow me to, for example, keep a two-way sync with Dropbox, plus a one-way sync onto a USB stick, iPod, phone and other portable devices.

    Since posting this thread I've actually found a kind of way to do this with my phone using Bittorrent Sync; basically I host a read/write share on my main computer and have 1Password sync with this, and then I setup my other devices (other computers, a NAS and my android phone) with a read-only version of the folder. This means that all of these devices receive changes made by my main computer, but any changes they make themselves are ignored (and over-written). It gives me multiple redundancy without having to rely on a cloud service (especially with the track record of some cloud services in terms of security).

    Still though, it seems like creating extra copies of the keychain with a one-way sync would be something 1Password could do fairly easily, and it would be a much easier way to handle it for things like USB sticks (or iPods) and other connected, but removable devices. For example, my USB stick is on my physical keychain, and since I never leave the house without my keys, I always have a copy of my passwords should the worst happen like fire damage or theft at my home. However currently I'm having to use a script to do the syncing myself, but it requires some fiddly workarounds to make it 100% secure, whereas 1Password itself seems to have all the necessary capabilities in place.

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @Haravikk ,

    Thanks so much for clarifying your thoughts here - I'm sorry that I misunderstood previously. I'm glad that you have found a workaround with Bittorrent sync. I'll let our developers know about your ideas. Of course, I can't promise anything, but we're always looking for ways to make 1Password as convenient for our users as possible. :)

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