bought 1P through App store but also need to use on Win. Do I buy again for win as I have no serial?

I have bought the 1P app via app store but need to use/sync passwords fro m my work Windows PC too. I my question is... will I need to buy a fresh pc version (because the App Store doesn't have License numbers per se)

or is there a means by which 1Password can find/identify that I am a genuine owner of the mac app and thus register itself?

...i'd be a little cheesed off to buy twice.



  • Hi @Jayenne Montana

    1Password is a separate purchase per platform, so your Mac license will allow you to install 1Password on as many Macs as you use (and with Apple's new family sharing plan you can install on your family's computers as well!), but the Windows version will be a separate purchase.

    We certainly don't want to make you pay full price for a Windows license though - that's no fun! Please send your Mac App Store receipt in to [email protected] (and remind us that you're looking for a Windows license) and we'll create a coupon for an extra discount in our webstore.

    I hope this makes you less cheesed, but we're here if you have any further questions or concerns! ;)

  • many thanks Megan - I shall gladly take you up on your kind offer.

  • Hi @Jayenne Montana

    Always happy to help! :)

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